Le Perlier d'Art

Aged 35, Sébastien Garrigue has not waited the years to give free rein to his creativity and talent. It must be said that this young man has followed an atypical path for several years. A glass blower with a cane, he is now a Perlier d'Art.

Let yourself be seduced by his creations in Murano glass and crystal...

After a glassblower's CAP and then a glass decorator's CAP, which he passed successfully in Sarrebourg in Moselle, while looking in vain for work with local craftsmen, Sébastien Garrigue got a job in BIOT, a small glassmaking village near Antibes. There, he rubs shoulders with the local artists, always very numerous during the summer season, and discovers a passion for the creation of unique pieces.

Back in Alsace, Sébastien is looking for a way out of the usual glassblower's manufacturing standards. This is how he discovered a glass beading course organised by the Sarre Poterie museum. On his return, he set up his own workshop.

Thanks to his experiences, Sébastien regularly opens the doors of his workshop and exhibits in the region and elsewhere in France.

Real jewels of Murano glass....

It is true that these beads are all unique. This young art pearl maker works with pearls in all their forms, from the perfect round to the bicone or flat shapes or even inclusions. The work of the pearl is variable and can go from about ten minutes to several hours depending on the complexity that Sébastien wants to bring to it.

His raw material: Murano glass rods and crystal rods to which gold, silver or bronze threads are added for very fine inlays. His only tools: a torch to heat (850/900°c) the glass and crystal rods, a stainless steel mandrel to work the pearls and an oven that allows the temperature of the pearls to be gradually lowered while avoiding thermal shocks. But that is not the main thing. Everything lies in the know-how, precision, dexterity, technique and creativity of Sébastien Garrigue.

Each piece is unique: the shapes, the colour combinations, the inlays, the reliefs give birth each time to new art pearls, real jewels of glass and crystal!

For some time now, he has also been selling exceptional beads to jewellers who transform them into real jewellery.

He is an active member of the Association des Perliers de France.

He regularly exhibits in the Alsace region, but also in France and Europe.

Le Perlier d'Art